Junior Squash Club

Junior Squash Club

Children’s Squash Coaching Club at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre.

We have been successful in gaining the support of both Fusion Lifestyle and Middlesex Junior Squash in starting our kids squash coaching club at Tottenham Green Leisure Centre.
The club runs every Saturday from 12pm – 3pm, delivered in 1 hour session for differing ages and abilities. We cater for children from the ages of 7 to 16 years.

Every session is delivered by qualified Level 1 squash coaches. On occasion there will also be a Level 2 squash coach on hand to assist and identify talents for further development.

Our aim is to introduce squash as a fun and energetic way into the development of a sporting life. We believe sport, as a physical activity, to be an essential building block in a young persons growth and development. Playing squash they will learn a life skill not only from the disciplines of the game itself but also the interactions with other young people.

Working with parents and guardians we have a further ambition to identify talents in these young people and we have a structured pathway planned, through the National Governing Organisation for squash, England Squash & Racketball (ESR), for those identified for further development.

Times and costs:
12pm – 1pm - £6.00 / Siblings £5.00**
1pm - 2pm - £6.00 / Siblings £5.00**
2pm - 3pm - £6.00 / Siblings £5.00**
12pm - 3pm - £15.00* / Siblings £12.00** each

*Kids that do all three session will be entitled to a concessionary price.
** Siblings will be entitled to a concessionary price.

All fees are payable 4 weekly. Places in each on the session are limited and will be offered on a first come first serve basis. If you know anyone who would be interested in the club for their children can you please forward this email on.

For booking information please contact:
Horner - 07956 472 197
Brendan - 07714 472 458
email: info@haringeysquashclub.co.uk

We are also looking for volunteers to help on the day. No great squash knowledge required, just plenty of enthusiasm to help our children grow.

Finally, we are look for suggestions for the naming of the different age groups

7 - 10 year
11 - 16 years

ie. Haringey Starlets

What shall we call our youngsters?

I would be happy to receive any suggestions.
Send your suggestions to: info@haringeysquashclub.co.uk

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